Our Story

How It All Began


In 2014 a Brandon, Florida based hockey team discovered that their teammate Josh was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Unable to work, our friend had mounting medical bills and we searched for a way to help. With the local rink donating a few hours of ice time, the team organized a pick up hockey game to benefit their family during this difficult time. The event was a success and inspired us all to think, "what else can we do"? Later that same year another similar, larger event was planned. This included a bake sale and auction items donated by both local business and sports memorabilia from the players personal collections. This event proved to be even more successful than the original event and was the catalyst to begin answering the question, “what else can we do”? Sadly though, this was the last time we were able to get on the ice with our friend; he lost his brave fight just a few short months after.

 Planning for the next event began immediately as we knew we must continue this to honor his memory. The next event had to be bigger, better and more diverse. A mini hockey tournament was planned. Once again the rink donated ice, local businesses and personal parties donated their time, memorabilia and services to auction off. This event benefitted St. Josephs Children’s Hospital along with a High School hockey scholarship for a young man that may have been unable to play his senior season due to financial restraints and circumstances. Happily, this event was the biggest and most successful yet and this group of friends began forming what would become The HTS 94 Foundation to continue this tradition and grow to help our Tampa Bay community.

 What began as a casual thought to hold a pickup hockey game to help our buddy during a rough time has blossomed into a fully committed group of likeminded individuals to do good for our local community through our united love for the game of hockey. Josh wore number 94 on the ice and we will continue to honor his memory...welcome to The HTS 94 Foundation.